Top 5 Delicious Cakes You Must Try On

Not having a dessert after enjoying a perfect meal is considered to be incomplete. Not only it serves as a sweet delicacy but it makes our meal complete. Bakers have come up with numerous new type of desserts which is not only delicious but also looks attractive. From vanilla flavors to butterscotch bakers are now coming up with combined flavors of vanilla and strawberry as well as butterscotch along with the chocolate. Here are some of their best recipes:

Vanilla Cake with Butter Cream


Be it a wedding or a birthday party vanilla cake is always the preferred ones. Here 3 round pies of cakes are prepared first then vanilla frost cream is applied between them and joined together. After that, the cream is applied on its sides until full cake is covered with it.

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Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting


After vanilla chocolate is the most preferred flavor, mostly common in birthday parties these cakes hold significant importance. Here the recipe is same as discussed above, the only difference is the chocolate buttercream frost is applied between the cakes and on its sides.

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Carrot Cake


This cake is the new type of creation of the bakers. The cake filled up with the carrots in moist form along with the cream cheese. The prepared cake is cut into 4 pieces in circular shapes and is covered with the iced cream cheese in between them as well as on its sides.

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Coffee Cake


You know how much people like to have a coffee, so bakers now have come with the coffee flavored cakes. In this cake flavor of coffee along with the butter is added.

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The Strawberry Ice Box Cake


Lots of people have beenliking the concept of fruitcakes along with different cake flavors. Here strawberries are crushed and put in a prepared pudding made up of butter and cream.

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